Precautions To Take As We Reopen

Every other pew in the Church has been taped closed. Those that are open are marked with tape at 3 foot intervals, allowing people to gauge the distance between them and the next person or family (yes, families are allowed to sit together without six feet between members). All the hymnals and missalettes have been taken from the pews — we are not allowed to use and reuse them after and between Masses. In order to allow for the use of missalettes we are allowing each adult parishioner to take and keep for themselves a missalette and a hymnal. The important thing is that you take them with you after Mass and not leave one in the pew.

Holy Communion will be distributed only by the Clergy and may be received on the hand or on the tongue. If receiving in the hand be sure to use both hands and not wear gloves. Other than when receiving, please wear a mask. The Adoration Chapel will initially remain closed. The Church, of course, will continue to remain open daily until 8 p.m.

It is very important that anyone who has any symptoms or who is elderly —that is over sixty— or has a compromised immune system STAY HOME.



The main church will be open for adoration during regular hours – 8am-8pm (but subject to change without notice day by day).

Thank you for your patience – and remember, God is not bound by His Sacraments – he is the first to understand and support His Church with his infinite Grace.

Please be sure to continue to support the parish at this time. Contributions can either be mailed, or dropped off at the parish office. If you are interested in online giving, please click on the FaithDirect link on bottom of the parish homepage (under news and events).


Statement from Bishop Michael F. Burbidge Regarding Early Phase One Reintegration of Public Masses in the Diocese of Arlington (May 15, 2020): Phase I Public Masses


Comment on Reported Remarks of the Pope
about same sex unions

What the Holy Father said in a documentary film is indeed contrary to Church Teaching if the reports are accurate, and they seem to be.  This is a clear case of the Pope giving his own personal (and flawed) opinion rather than exercising the Teaching Office.  There are some things even a pope cannot change and Church Teaching on sexuality is one of them.  It is indeed troubling when the Holy Father speaks this way as it sows confusion and sorrow among the Faithful.  It is important for all of us to pray the Holy Spirit will enlighten him if he is open to the Spirit’s movement.  Do not let your hearts be troubled but trust in Christ Jesus.



Below are the links for the St Michael’s Evangelization Survey  – If you are a registered member of the parish, please take the appropriate survey concerning your marital status. Married couples are asked to complete the survey individually.


Thank you and God Bless You!

-Fr Brian


Singles link:


Couples link:

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