First Holy Communion

Children assemble at 10:00 AM in the Gym of the Junior School. Parents/family should go immediately to the Church after dropping the child off. First Communicants will process to Church promptly at 10:25 PM. First Communicants will sit as a group and receive the Holy Eucharist first.

Please relay the following information to friends and family attending the First Holy Communion Mass:

  • Absolutely no photography in the Church
  • Please respect and honor the presence of Our Lord in the Church – do not talk

Attire for First Holy Communion

  • Boys – Suit, or dark slacks with white shirt and tie. (A jacket is not required).  Shoes and socks, no sneakers.
  • Girls – Modest white or light pastel dress, socks and shoes or sandals. (No gloves, no flowers in hands, no rosaries, prayer books, or candles.)

Where to find First Holy Communion items

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