Important Policies

The list of students who will be receiving First Penance, First Holy Communion, and Confirmation during the school year will be finalized at the beginning of each school yearPlease note the required meetings, the documents, and the fees for each sacrament listed on pages 8 and 9 in the Religious Education Handbook.  Documents and fees must be submitted to the Religious Education Office by October 31.  If the required documents and fees are not submitted by October 31, the student will not be placed on the list to receive the sacrament(s) in the spring.

NOTE:  to be placed on the list, students must be baptized by August 1 – one month before the beginning of the school year.

In the event of inclement weather or other emergencies, please follow Fairfax County instructions regarding closures and delays. Information on cancelled classes will also be posted on the main Religious Education page (under the Faith Formation tab) on our website.

All students enrolled in the St. Michael Religious Education Program must be registered members of the parish, or provide a letter of permission from their pastor granting permission for them to be enrolled for instruction at St. Michael. Registration of non-parishioners is subject to the approval of the Pastor. To be enrolled in our Program, students must be baptized at the time of registration or by August 1 (one month before the beginning of the school year). To comply with diocesan requirements, parents/guardians must complete and submit a new registration each year. Registration for the fall begins each spring and ends August 31, a couple of weeks before the start of classes.

The following are required at the time of registration:  (a) a copy of the student’s Baptismal Certificate, (b) a record of the student’s last grade completed, (c) the student’s attendance record, and (d) information on any sacraments the student has already received.  Registration will not be considered completed until all required documents have been provided. New students in Grade 2-8 will be required to take an assessment for class placement.

The Director of Religious Education will communicate with parents/guardians primarily through email.  This is so that there is a written record of what has transpired.  Please make sure that any change of email address is provided to the Religious Education Office as soon as possible and be sure to check your email (and your spam/junk folders) regularly for important communications.  Catechists will contact parents and guardians by email.  Contact with students via email is not permitted.

It is important that children attend each and every year of instruction because the curriculum builds on the material learned the year before.  Students returning to the program will be required to take an assessment for class placement.  Students are expected to be on time for class.  There is no distinction between an “excused” or “unexcused” absence.  All absences are marked simply as ABSENT.

More than four (4) absences in a school year may seriously jeopardize the student’s advancement to the next level and, in the case of sacramental preparation, may require that the reception of the sacrament(s) be postponed until the following year.

Students are expected to respect the Parish/School and private property of others. Any student who damages Parish, School or private property will be responsible for replacement or repair of that property.

Cell phones and other electronic devices must be turned off and not used during class. It is preferable that students not bring these devices to school at all. The Catechist may, at his/her discretion, collect and hold students’ devices during class. The Parish is not responsible for any lost or stolen electronic devices.

Catechists will establish classroom rules and a routine at the beginning of the school year and these will be presented to the students on the first day of class. Catechists are expected to treat all students with respect and to be fair and consistent in their expectations and discipline of students.

Parents are primarily responsible for the discipline of their children. Misbehaving students will be given a warning to cease misbehaving. If the behavior continues to disrupt the class, the student will be sent to the Religious Education office and the parent will be asked to meet with the Director. If necessary, parents will be required to attend class with the child for the rest of the school year or the child will be removed from classes entirely.

Catechists and students are expected to dress in a manner that respects their dignity as children of God who are made to His image and likeness. A good measure for appropriate dress is that if it is not appropriate for attending Mass, then it is not appropriate for the classroom.

  • No tank tops, halter tops, or spaghetti straps.
  • Skirts and shorts must fall past the middle finger when arms are held straight down at the side.
  • Pants must be worn at the waist.
  • No leggings, athletic wear, pajamas, and clothes with rips or holes.
  • No clothing that depicts drugs, drug paraphernalia, alcohol, tobacco, profanity, violence, gang symbols, vulgarity, obscene images.
  • Head coverings are to be removed upon entering the school building, unless required for medical reasons.

No visitors, including parents, are permitted in the classroom area of the school without the knowledge and approval of the Director of Religious Education. All visitors, including parents who wish to sit in on their child’s class, must sign in at the Religious Education Office prior to class.

No photographs or videos are to be taken of the students.  Names of students will not be posted on any public forum other than the Parish Bulletin and, in that case, only with the written consent of the parents or guardians.

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