First Penance Preparation

The Arlington Diocese requires a two-year preparation period for the Sacrament of Penance.  The preparation for First Penance is normally started in the 1st Grade.  Students receive First Penance towards the end of the 2nd Grade.

New students entering at the 2nd Grade level must have had one year of catechesis or they must be able to pass a placement test.

Helpful Documents

Rite of Penance – Please use this with your child to practice “going to Confession.” Have him/her recite the Act of Contrition every day.  Your child will be given an oral assessment before the scheduled date of First Penance to determine if he/she is ready to receive the sacrament.

Examination of Conscience – Please review and have your child use the age appropriate Examination of Conscience found in the Documents & Info box to the left.  This examination will help him/her determine the sins they have committed – in thought, word, action, or omission (failing to do a good work that should have been done).  It is good to get your child into the habit of examining the conscience every night.